Quick Ways to Relieve Your Anxiety

The terrible thing about anxiety is that the feeling makes you more anxious. This tends to create a feedback loop that can make you feel helpless and trapped, making it worse. If you are prone to anxiety, here are some quick ways to start getting rid of your anxiety.

Make yourself comfortable

The first thing you should do when you experience symptoms of anxiety is to make yourself as comfortable as possible while the feeling passes. It is important to remember that your anxiety will pass, so you should try to focus on relaxing yourself, both emotionally and physically.

Speak softly to yourself

If you’re like most people who suffer from anxiety, many of the things you tell yourself when you’re worried make you worry more. To help reduce your anxiety immediately, tell yourself calming phrases like “This feeling will pass” or “I’m worried now, but soon I will will be quiet.” ยป

Acknowledge and accept your anxious thoughts

When you fight anxiety, you make it stronger. On the other hand, admitting that you are worried can help reduce the anxiety. Facing your fears is a great way to get relief from your worries quickly. You can try this powerful anxiety treatment strategy to learn how to accept your anxious thoughts. For ten minutes, make yourself worry as much as possible. Try to raise your anxiety to the highest level you can handle. When your anxiety level reaches ten, try to maintain it for at least five minutes. You’ll probably find that you can’t keep your anxiety levels high. This type of exposure technique makes you face your fears to the point where they disappear.

Have Fun

An effective way to put your mind at ease and relieve anxiety is to distract yourself from the thoughts that are causing your symptoms. It is difficult for you to focus on more than one thing at a time. If you find something you can focus on, your mind won’t be able to sustain that worry for long.

Use relaxation techniques

Exercise and relaxation techniques can help change your body’s stress response, making relaxation a natural remedy for stress. Start by using a quick relaxation technique that can help stimulate the relaxation response. This will help counteract your body’s stress response and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Dealing with the onslaught of anxiety can be incredibly overwhelming. Using these 5 steps can help you get rid of your stress quickly and move on with your life.