Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep.

Are you always in a bad mood and you don’t know why? Are you tired all day, even though you feel like you’re sleeping well? Do you have a problem with concentration? If so, you may be suffering from lack of sleep.

Even if you are in bed for about 7-8 hours at night, it does not mean that you sleep for a long time or are getting enough rest. Here are some signs that you are not sleeping well.

You are in a bad situation when you don’t sleep well. You’re more likely to experience mood swings. You may find that you feel bad all the time and don’t even know why. When this happens all the time, it’s good to try to understand why this happens, especially when you can’t see any other reason.

Try to track your sleep recently and see if the change in mood started recently when you notice that your sleep quality has decreased. Remember that your position and actions not only affect you, but your family, friends, relationships and others
everyone you come in contact with.

You Have a Larger Appetite.

Are you suddenly hungry? Do you have a larger appetite than you remember having before? It can also be strong evidence that you are not sleeping well. Your hunger changes a little depending on your emotional state, and whether you get enough sleep at night.

When you don’t sleep well, a hormone in your stomach called ghrelin can increase. It makes you hungrier than usual, often craving sugar, refined carbs and other unhealthy food choices. Hunger and increased appetite can go away if you start improving your quality sleep.

You Have Low Productivity.

Another way that lack of sleep affects you is your ability to focus, concentrate and be productive. Maybe you find that you can’t concentrate for long, or it’s your concentration is poor. You may have low productivity at work and exist truly suffering.

The first thing you should do when you have these problems is to determine if something is wrong or recently changed. Start by determining whether or not you are sleeping well. If you are not
make sure your sleep is good, because it seems like you are sleeping well, consider these things
other signs of insomnia.

You may also experience reduced memory function due to lack of sleep. When you fall asleep, you go through several stages, the fifth stage is REM sleep. The next phase, including the 3rd and 4th stages, is when you enter deep sleep. Of all of them these are important for brain function, but especially deep sleep that is important. It is when your brain can retain memories from the previous day and use themas long-term storage. If you don’t sleep well, you may start to notice space in your long-term memory.